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Fiberlogy NYLON PA12+CF Filament - Sample, 17-25gm (Sample), 1.75mm, Carbon Excellence, Nylon Filament with Carbon Fiber Black

Fiberlogy NYLON PA12+CF Filament - Sample, 17-25gm (Sample), 1.75mm, Carbon Excellence, Nylon Filament with Carbon Fiber Black

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Sample Size: 

  • Samples are a great option for trying out a new material, color or when comparing different testing parameters of similar options.
  • Samples vary in weight as different materials have different densities and generally range from 15-35 grams.

Unique Features at a Glance:

  • Characterized by an impressive matte finish- prints created with Nylon PA12+CF15 will be hard to distinguish from non printed parts thanks to the matte texture of the filament that helps mask layer lines
  • The carbon fibers in the filament makes prints lighter while still maintaining the structural integrity of the printed piece
  • PA12+CF has 2x the tensile strength and more than 2x the stiffness of Nylon PA12
  • Engineered and created in Poland using highly specialized machinery and carefully selected raw materials


PA12+CF is yet another manifestation of the technical capabilities of filament PA12 which has been reinforced with 5% and 15% addition of carbon fibers.

It is characterized by high thermal resistance and less shrinkage compared to the unmodified Nylon PA12.

The application of carbon fiber allows for a reduction of weight of the component while maintaining its high structural stiffness.

PA12+CF has a range of applications across the industry, including the automotive and the engineering sectors, lending itself to the creation of advanced prototypes, drones and final products which require increased durability while reducing their weight.

* provided that appropriate print parameters are selected and a correct print structure is maintained.

Printing Ideas and Applications:

  • Prototypes: car parts, drones, high durability mechanical components
  • Substitutes for Metal Elements
  • End-use products
  • Part Engineering 
  • Tools and Their Elements

How to Print:

The following parameters are only suggested print settings for this material. To ensure the best print quality, it is necessary to choose the appropriate settings for a specific printer and printing conditions.

Printing temperature: 255 – 270°C

Bed temperature: 90-110°C

Closed Chamber: not required

Fan: 0-10%

Flowrate: 95-105%

Printing Speed: 35-60mm/s

Surface: glass, masking tape

Retraction (direct): 2-3mm

Retraction (bowden): 4-6mm

Retraction Speed: 20-45mm/s

Important Note: The material is highly abrasive. We recommend the use of hardened steel or ruby nozzles.

Net Weight : Approximately 25-30 gms per Sample (the smaller sample weight is due to the lighter material as a result of the Carbon Fiber addition)

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