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Reciflex - 100% Recycled Professional Flexible TPU 3D Printing Material US, Black, 750g, 1.75mm

Reciflex - 100% Recycled Professional Flexible TPU 3D Printing Material US, Black, 750g, 1.75mm

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Flexible TPU filament, 100% from recycled origin. Very easy to print!

  • Shore hardness 96A-98A
  • 100% recycled
  • Made in the EU



Reciflex is an environmentally friendly flexible TPU filament, 100% of recycled origin, both from footwear industry leftovers and from Recreus' internal production.

The material is carefully selected and magnetically screened for its production, to avoid metallic residues and thus guarantee its correct functioning during printing.

Its hardness ranges between 96A and 98A SHORE 'A', due to the variations attributable to its origin as a recycled material, practically imperceptible in the printed parts.

Despite being a recycled material, it has excellent mechanical properties and good resistance to solvents, due to its quality.

In addition, it is easy to print and compatible with 100% of the printers on the market.

It is only available in black as once all the recycled colors are mixed, the black pigment is finally added to homogenize and obtain a final solid and shiny black color.

How to get started with Filaflex? First of all, we recommend this article on how to print with flexible materials written by Steve Wood of Gyrobot.



Reciflex is a suitable material for the manufacture of parts that require a high mechanical requirement. Ideal for creating:

– Parts that require resistance to solvents

– Protective covers for GoPro, mobile, etc.

– Protections for drones

– Wheels for radio-controlled cars and robots



Basic Print Settings to get started:

Print temperature: 220-235 °C
Print speed: 20-60 mm/s
Diameter tolerance: 0.03 mm
Retraction speed: 40 mm/s at a distance of 2-3 mm
Travel speed: 160-200 mm/s.
Layer height: 0.08-0.3 (for 0.4 mm nozzles). Optimal results 0.2 mm.
Bed Temp:  50-60 °C
Shore Hardness: 98A



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