SewPrinted Story: Next Generation 3D Printed Fashion and Design

SewPrinted Story: Next Generation 3D Printed Fashion and Design

Can you tell us who you are and how you got into 3D printing?


My name is Krizia, I am an architect and designer at heart. I do 3D printing and fashion on the side because design overall is really my passion.


SewPrinted Designer wearing 3D printed halter top from Danit Peleg's collection


I got into 3D printing after seeing Danit Peleg collection on youtube and it blew my mind. I'm familiar with computer design programs being used for architecture, but I had rarely seen this concept applied to fashion.

I have always been interested in fashion. I had taken sewing and pattern making lessons when I was young, but it was all by hand, very tedious and then bulky having to carry around these huge rulers, the papers, the tools and that made the whole process feel clunky.

Then I saw that everything was 3D printed using computers and CAD software - I was hooked.


SewPrinted 3D Printed purse with filaflex 82A

Original 3D Printed Handbag Design by @SEWPRINED: Created with Filaflex 82A NUDE 


I came to 3D printing directly into the fashion field which is definitely different from the conventional route I've seen with people getting started with 3D printing.

I had seen other people in my architecture classes using 3D printing for their models and other things, but it really didn't start there for me.

It really caught my eye when I saw the potential of creating usable objects. 


From where do you get your inspiration?

I get my inspiration from other designers, pictures, places and textures. There's just something about textures that I really love. I can see a basket and start thinking... you could flip this over, increase the scale and this could become a ball gown; something totally different applied in a new way.

That's where the magic is; in taking something ordinary and turning it into something really beautiful, intricate and special. 


Are the materials you use in your projects important?

Definitely! The product is only as good as the materials used to make it.

"That includes the hands of the person that makes it, the tools used, and the materials that become the project. They are all a very important part of the process."

I encourage people to try different things because for me it takes a lot of trial and error to find what works and what doesn't.

Honestly, even though I'm one to save a dollar and I'm very frugal with money, it is worth it investing in a higher quality product even if it's a couple dollars more, or pennies per print, and know it is going to get the job done. 


SewPrinted 3D Printed Textiles Filaflex 82A

 Original 3D Printed Textiles by @SEWPRINED: Created with Filaflex 82A Colors: NUDE, AQUA, WHITE       

How did you find out about Filaflex?

I heard about it from Danit and her collection. I saw that she mainly used Filaflex for all of her projects and I had seen multiple videos of Filaflex and other flexible materials before I bought Filaflex. 

They all seemed somewhat flexible, but not as elastic as Filaflex. I think for me and my projects elasticity is what gives Filaflex a lot of possibilities in robotics and fashion, and distinguishes the Filaflex line from other flexible filaments out there.

And the fact that Recreus specializes in the elasticity of the filament really makes their products stand out to me. 


Is there anything that especially got you hooked on Filaflex or made you fall in love with the company? 

I love the product! I would spend a lot on shipping to get it here to the US from Spain for this product. Not only because of the product, but also because I trust the brand. I would always be in good communication with the people from Recreus.

And now seeing them making a push to make ReciFlex- this recyclable filament makes me happy to support their product especially when they speak to my ideals like this. The brand itself speaks to my ideals. Any time someone asks me about their product I am happy to recommend it and I do it without hesitation.  


SewPrinted 3D Printed Textiles with Filaflex 82A

 Original 3D Printed Textiles by @SEWPRINED: Created with Filaflex 82A Colors: NUDE, GRAY, WHITE       

What’s next for you?

Spoiler alert: I'm thinking about 3D printing my wedding dress and making a video to capture the whole process. I'm thinking it's going to be a huge project. I have some videos leading up to this process; I'm making a mannequin to place my dress and fit it to myself. That's the big project for this year and you're the first ones to find out!

Other than that huge project I do have some other projects of accessories and wearables that I'm working on. 

Because I do see that there are a lot of other people interested in this field and in order for this to blow up and become a real possibility with more innovative ways of creating with 3D printing, there has to be more people interested in this way of creating. 

The best way this happens is when other artists, creators and makers make things that make people believe they can do this too; to show others what's possible.

I think makers have a good eye/mind for showing people "hey you can do this, and you can do that- it really is possible." When other makers show people the wide range of possibilities that they know are possible, it helps others that may not know about these new applications or haven't thought about creating in that way before to see that they can do it too.

I am very passionate about this because I have many friends who are not interested in 3D printing at all because they don't understand the potential for them.

They don't know how it works, what benefit it can bring to their lives, or the possibilities it brings to their industry/field of work.

There is something powerful about being visual with showing and teaching people what is possible; even showing those that aren't interested yet can help spread the word to bring 3D printing in fashion and creating to its full potential. 

 SewPrinted Designer 3D Printed Headband

 3D Printed headband by @SEWPRINED: Created with Filaflex 82A Color  NUDE  

If someone was struggling with their ideas or prints, do you have any advice or encouragement for them?

The Internet is a wonderful place! Haha

There are two sides to this. We all struggle. I have posted a lot of my failed prints and showed multiple fails over and over again. That's a wonderful vulnerable thing; in that something doesn't have to be perfect for us to present it or ourselves to the world.

We are not perfect ourselves. We mingle and meet people, and we have our social media profiles. What I mean by this is there's a lot of people that have similar struggles so when we share our vulnerabilities it helps them relate to us. Then others that have been through those same struggles will likely reach out and help you out, and then you can do that same thing for other people once you cross the hurdle that they're going through. It becomes this infinite cycle of helping and relating to other people. It's also a great way to make friends and meet other people with similar interests to yours. 

Sometimes printing can be frustrating, sometimes finding what works can be frustrating, but good things are worth working hard for. 

SewPrinted Designer Holding 3D Printed Purse 

3D Printed handbag with chain by @SEWPRINED: Created with Filaflex 82A Color GRAY  watch the video tutorial here:

 Thanks for reading, and be sure to follow Krizia on Instagram Here to see the rest of her story infold.

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