Narrow Path 3D started with a simple mission:

Enable anyone to create professional prints with affordable high quality materials, just like a professional printing company.

What will you create?

Fiberlogy Deluxe Sample Pack for New customers and happy printers

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When you're new to premium filament the "Deluxe" sample pack has everything you need to stop searching and finally start your next project.

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Hey there

As 3D print lovers, makers, designers, visionaries and the obsessed with detail, we have the privilege of working with 3D print makers to help them find the best materials for their work to stand out and to find their niche in printing by using materials they can trust with their reputation so they can build a solid foundation as a maker and business.

After our first printer build, we were hooked. Finding the best materials for our prints drove us down the narrow path of 3D printing.

Now these materials allow us to deliver quality prints that help us maintian a reputation for high quality 3D printing.

We spend days, loads of material and more resources then we can say finding, testing and creating with the best in 3D materials, narrowing it down to the best of the best, and we offer all of this to you.

With our materials you can create outstanding prints that help you position yourself as a professional so you can make a name for yourself and create outstanding prints with unique qualities and properties.

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