A New Printing Experience: Flexible material that’s not super glossy or hard to print

A New Printing Experience: Flexible material that’s not super glossy or hard to print

Can you print Rubber (and should you?)

One of the biggest advantages of MattFlex 40D is the visual appeal. The matte texture hides the layer lines that normally characterize TPU 3D printing materials. MattFlex was designed to print so that the surface of the print reflects light to a minimum

The matte finish also offers a very pleasing tactile experience that is not coarse or slippery, but just right.


More Colors Than Black

MattFlex 40D color pallete 

Image: MattFlex 40D color options

MattFlex 40D started out in only black, and has now expanded in to white, graphite, red and blue.

Each color offers the same matte finish and texture as the original black.


Is this right for my projects?

The best way to answer that is to simply go for it and start creating. There are samples of MattFlex 40D available if the price of an entire spool is more than you are wanting to spend at the moment.

There are so many possibilities with 3D printing flexible materials it is hard to give an all encompassing answer if this is right for you and your project. We are go-getters that like to find out things for ourselves. 

We like to test things out and filament samples make that very easy and cost effective. 


I’m new to flexible 3D printing - can I print this?

We’ve all been new, and everyone starts at zero. One of the best features of our materials is they are all very beginner friendly providing you have the right set up for printing with flexible materials.

This is nothing overly complicated for the Flex family of materials we offer. Unlike many other TPU materials, all of the flexible materials we offer are designed to print well with direct drive and bowden printer set ups.

If you don’t have the ideal set up, no worries. Many people still have great results when printing with less than ideal printing set ups. In these situations you will typically be doing more tests figuring out what settings to use for your specific set up.

In this instance, if you are ordering samples, we highly encourage you to get more material than you think you might need for a couple of tests, just in case. There is nothing more demoralizing than getting one print away from perfection and being a few grams short to do the next print.


Quick actionable tips to try:

  • Reduce the pressure on the extruder 
  • Reduce the retraction to avoid clogging the nozzle 
  • Try printing around 60mm/s


I’m a professional looking for a material for my clients’ projects - can I use MattFlex?

Yes. Many of our customers are businesses we currently supply with MattFlex, and they have their own customers to please. They have been seeing great results for themselves and their customers which is always a huge win.

One of the things we get comments about on a regular basis (not just with MattFlex) is the consistency of the materials we provide.

This means a lot to us because it is one of our core values:

" to provide high quality, consistent materials that professionals as well as new comers to 3D printing can rely on for their prints. "


FIBERLOGY MattFlex 40D - Flexible and Durable TPU Matt Finish 3D Printer Material

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