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FIBERLOGY PCTG+GF10 - Professional Copolyester Filament with Fiberglass, 1.75mm, 0.75kg

FIBERLOGY PCTG+GF10 - Professional Copolyester Filament with Fiberglass, 1.75mm, 0.75kg

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Key Features at a glance:

  • Fiberlogy PCTG+GF offers excellent impact strength (up to 20X times greater than standard PET-G)
  • Excellent chemical resistance (see TDS below for detailed resistances)
  • High visual transparency makes it a great choice for decorative items where visual appeal and high durability are essential
  • Easy to print with dimensional stability, and low shrinkage making this material great for beginners as well as more advanced professionals

Samples Collection:

You can also order an PCTG+GF sample to test from our Samples Collection ; create a custom sample pack to compare different options to find the exact right material for your project.




PCTG+GF filament is our latest product for 3D printing enthusiasts, combining the strength and versatility of modern copolyester with the unique properties of glass fiber. It is a technical filament with high impact strength, ideal for advanced projects where typical polymers are not enough.

Glass fiber adds unique capabilities to the filament, creating a product with higher strength and stiffness, while remaining resistant to external conditions and chemicals. The properties of the filament make it ideal for printing machine parts, tools or outdoor applications.

Fiberlogy PCTG+GF is a guarantee of trouble-free printing. Low shrinkage, excellent table adhesion and the ability to print in 3D printers not equipped with a closed chamber, make this filament can be used on any printer.

Its users will also appreciate the matte, rough finish, giving the models a perfect look.

Looking for more info? This material appears in this article The Strongest 3D Filaments: Everything to get you started

Printing Ideas and Applications:

  • PROTOTYPING: functional prototypes, specialized tools, low-volume production
  • AUTOMOTIVE: elements of covers, connectors, housings of electronic components
  • ELECTRONICS: enclosures with increased resistance to impacts, chemicals and temperatures

How to Print:

Nozzle Temperature 250-270°C
Bed Temperature 90-110°C
Closed chamber not required
Fan 0-25%
Flowrate 90-100%
Printing Speed 30-60 mm/s
Surface masking tape, PVA glue, hairspray
Retraction (direct) 1-2 mm
Retraction (bowden) 3-5 mm
Retraction Speed 20-45 mm/s
Drying conditions 60°C / 4h
Notes Due to the strong adhesion to the bed, it is not recommended to print directly on its surface or on glass. This can lead to damage. We recommend using a masking tape.

You can find more detailed recommended print settings for all Fiberlogy Filaments in this article. 


Net Weight: 0.75kg 

FIBERLOGY 3D Printing filament comes wound on a premium white spool in vacuum sealed bag with a desiccate packet to maintain peak conditions. 

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