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Fiberlogy FIBERFLEX 30D Filament - Highly Flexible TPU Printing Material, 1.75mm, 0.85kg and .5kg sizes

Fiberlogy FIBERFLEX 30D Filament - Highly Flexible TPU Printing Material, 1.75mm, 0.85kg and .5kg sizes

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Key Features:

  • FIBERFLEX 30D allows you to create more flexible prints that stand up to high impact situations like tires, gaskets, etc.
  • 30D offers more give and flexibility compared with 40D  (softer and more flexible) 
  • Both 30D and 40D are very flexible filaments and desired for many applications from fashion to big industry prototyping and end use items
  • Engineered, designed and created in Poland using highly specialized machinery and carefully selected raw materials

Samples Collection:

You can also order an FIBERFLEX 30D sample to test from our Samples Collection ; create a custom sample pack to compare different options to find the exact right material for your project.

Be More Flexible

Fiberflex 30D gets its name from the Shore hardness scale. Another option for enthusiasts of printing with rubber-like materials.

Our FIBERFLEX 30D is characterized by reduced hardness up to 30D on the Shore scale, very good flexibility and higher impact strength.

The material is recommended especially for printing tires, seals, belts and all kinds of elastic elements. For best results, we recommend you print this filament slowly- see notes below.

Read this page for more help and the most popular questions about printing Fiberflex 30D (this is post is constantly updated with new insights from printers like you).

FIBERFLEX 40D is another flexible filament option with higher durability, and greater ease of printing especially if you're new to printing flexibles. 

Printing Ideas and Applications:

  • Rubber Elements of Machines: gaskets, elements that are frequently bent
  • Gadgets and Their Elements: phone sleeves and cases, watch-, pulse counter-, pedometer straps
  • Linking Elements: flexible hinges
  • Toys: tires, rubber figures
  • Jewelry: bands, bracelets

How to Print:

Printing temperature: 200 – 220°C

Bed temperature: 50-70°C

Closed Chamber: not required

Fan: 50-75%

Flowrate: 95-110%

Printing Speed: > 35mm/s

Surface: glass, masking tape

Retraction (direct): 1-2mm

Retraction Speed: 10-30mm/s

Notes: For more in-depth tips, tricks and troubleshooting flexible filaments check out this page. 

Additional Information:

  • Printing speed up to 45 mm/s with direct extruder
  • Can be printed with Bowden style extruder at speed 15-30mm/s
You can find more detailed recommended print settings for all Fiberlogy Filaments in this article. 




Net weight : 0.85 kg

    All of our materials have outstanding properties and parameters - diameter tolerance of +/- 0.02mm and oval tolerance of +0.01mm.

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