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FIBERLOGY "DELUXE" Variety Sample Pack - 3D Printer Filament 10X pieces Premium Printing Materials US

FIBERLOGY "DELUXE" Variety Sample Pack - 3D Printer Filament 10X pieces Premium Printing Materials US

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Fiberlogy "DELUXE" 3D Printer Filament Variety Sample Pack - 10X Different Samples

When you're new to premium filaments and there's so much info out there on which filament type you should use for your project, the "Deluxe" sample pack has everything you need to stop researching and finally get started on your next masterpiece.

The "DELUXE" Sample Pack Includes:

Customer Favorites:

  • FIBERSILK  - [ view product details Here ]
  • IMPACT PLA  - [ view product details Here ]
  • PLA MINERAL  - [ view product details Here ]
  • FIBERWOOD  - [ view product details Here ]
  • HD PLA - [ view product details Here ]

Starter Materials:

  • EASY PLA  - [ view product details Here ]
  • EASY PETG   - [ view product details Here ]
  • R PLA   - [ view product details Here ]

Flexible Materials:

  • FIBERFLEX 30D   - [ view product details Here ]
  • FIBERFLEX 40D   - [ view product details Here ]


Why The "Deluxe" Pack?

With 10X different types of filament (all professional grade and #1 in quality) your next project is sure to stand out and get noticed for the right reasons which means more enjoyment for you and less time being frustrated wondering if you should have bought a different filament.


Diameter: All samples are 1.75mm in diameter

Size: All samples range in 40-25gm sizes by weight

Colors: All Colors vary by availability and are a surprise :)

You can find all recommended print settings for Fiberlogy Filaments listed in this article. 

All TDS's and MSDS's are listed for each material on the individual product pages.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at we are more than happy to help you on your 3D printing journey.


Looking for more info? Some of these materials appear in this article The Strongest 3D Filaments: Everything to get you started

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