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Fiberlogy ABS PLUS Filament Sample Size 20-40gm (Sample) - Durable 3D Print Material Without The Chamber, 1.75mm

Fiberlogy ABS PLUS Filament Sample Size 20-40gm (Sample) - Durable 3D Print Material Without The Chamber, 1.75mm

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Sample Size: 

Samples are a great option for trying out a new material, color or when comparing different testing parameters of similar options. Samples vary in weight as different materials have different densities and generally range from 20-40 grams as packaged from Poland.


Key Features:

  • All the benefits of traditional ABS- with no chamber required
  • Special processes used during development give this material increased hardness and less process shrinkage, which makes it ideal for prototyping situations
  • Best suited for printing where end-use products or prototypes require increased durability 
  • Engineered and created in Poland using highly specialized machinery and carefully selected raw materials

Overall Durability Without A Chamber

A multifunctional material for desktop 3D printing, recommended especially for prototyping models thanks to its special properties such as increased hardness and reduced process shrinkage.

Printing will be easier and faster compared to standard ABS and does not require printing in a closed chamber.

ABS Plus can also be mechanically and chemically processed to produce highly specialized and unique end use products or functional prototypes.

ABS PLUS will find application in the industry, where creating advanced prototypes and end-use parts require increased durability.

Printing Ideas and Applications:

  • End-Use Parts: containers, holders
  • Prototypes: mechanical parts, architectural models
  • Electronics/Tech: covers, cases
  • Household: lamps, vases

How to Print:

  • Bed heating required
  • Printing temperature: 250-270°C
  • Bed temperature: 90-110°C

You can find more detailed recommended print settings for all Fiberlogy Filaments in this article. 


    All of our materials have outstanding properties and parameters - diameter tolerance of +/- 0.02mm and oval tolerance of +0.01mm.

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