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RECREUS PP3D - Easy to Print Polypropylene Filament Integrated ‘Primer’

RECREUS PP3D - Easy to Print Polypropylene Filament Integrated ‘Primer’

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Recreus PP3D

The new Recreus PP·3D is an advanced, high-impact, chemical resistant, durable and very easy to print polypropylene filament with an integrated ‘primer’ to apply to the print surface before printing.


The new and disruptive Recreus PP·3D polypropylene (PP) filament has been developed jointly with the multinational Repsol. This partnership led to the launch a high-quality polypropylene thanks to Repsol’s extensive experience in the manufacture of polyolefins.

The filament is accompanied by a primer to apply to the surface of the printer before printing. This results in the maximum adhesion of the PP at just 40°C (on a glass bed; adhesion will be less on other surfaces) and, therefore, an optimal result without any warping or deformation!

PP·3D has exceptional resistance to fatigue, high levels of toughness, a low friction coefficient and is non-toxic. Its matte finish is impressive, similar to injection, which makes the seams between layers disappear. The result is a premium quality piece with an exceptional finish.


PP·3D is a material with a fantastic applicability in many industries. Suitable for food contact and autoclavable (natural color only). It’s the perfect material for creating:

Bottles and containers as functional or end-use prototypes that require watertightness to contain a liquid product.

Mechanical components, tools and industrial parts with high electrical resistance.

Parts that must be resistant to salts, acids, solvents, fats and oils.

– Parts that require low friction and heat resistance.


Basic Print Settings to get started:

Print temperature: 230°C.
Print speed: 40 mm/s.

Bed temperature: 40º C once the primer has been applied.

Retraction speed: 40 mm/s at a distance of 3.2 mm (for printers with direct extrusion) and 25 mm/s at a distance of 6 mm (for printers with bowden extrusion).

Minimum nozzle diameter: 0.4 – 0.6 mm.

Layer height: 0.2


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