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Fiberlogy HIPS Filament - Sample Size 20-50gm, Dissolvable 3D Printing Support Material - 1.75mm, Sample

Fiberlogy HIPS Filament - Sample Size 20-50gm, Dissolvable 3D Printing Support Material - 1.75mm, Sample

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Key Features:

  • HIPS is characterized by its satin surface thanks to the addition of minerals, its impact and water resistance, but most notably as the first choice for support material for ABS prints
  • HIPS is easily dissolvable  with d-Limonene which means not risking scraps or damage to your finished prints, like traditional support removal; simply soak and remove.
  • Excellent printing precision which makes it easier to dial in settings compared with more advanced materials
  • A simple and cost effective choice for dissolving support material; HIPS has similar properties to ABS, which makes it a great choice for dual printing for support structures for ABS prints
  • Lightweight Prints: When printed as the base material it is ideally suited for end use applications where the end object needs to be lighter than a material like ABS
  • Engineered and created in Poland using highly specialized machinery and carefully selected raw materials

More Than the Base

HIPS filament is a base in both meanings of this word: its properties allow it to be used as a basic filament and also as a support materials for other filaments.

Using it in printing will give you a light and good-looking print with a matt surface. You can polish it and even coat it with acrylic paint. This allows each model or miniature to look very tasteful.

You can also decide to use it as a supporting material for prints that have large overhangs or non-standard shapes. You just need to immerse the print in D-limonene after this. It will dissolve the HIPS, leaving only the proper print.

Pro Tip:

If you experience bed adhesion issues we recommend an ABS slurry; you can easily make this yourself by dissolving pieces of ABS filament/small scrap ABS prints in acetone in a glass bottle (make sure the bottle has a tight, secure cap to prevent excess fumes). 

After creating the slurry simply apply to your print surface before each print for a simple DIY adhesive. 

Printing Ideas and Applications:

  • Costumes or Their Elements: masks, parts of costumes, helmets
  • Modeling: mock-ups, figures
  • Prototypes: durable and lightweight elements
  • Decor: decorations, hanging elements, lamps
  • Joining with Other Filaments: support for other prints

How to Print:

  • Print temperature: 230-245°C
  • Temperature inside the chamber: recommended 80°C
  • Bed temperature: recommended 80-100°C
  • Can be used as a base or supporting material

You can find more detailed recommended print settings for all Fiberlogy Filaments in this article. 

Net weight : 0.85 kg

Keys to successful printing:

  • We recommend a chamber for printing this material.

All of our materials have outstanding properties and parameters - diameter tolerance of +/- 0.02mm and oval tolerance of +0.01mm.

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