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Fiberlogy FIBERSILK Filament - Sample Size 20-40gm (Sample) 1.75mm - Striking Finish for Artistic, Special and Functional Prints

Fiberlogy FIBERSILK Filament - Sample Size 20-40gm (Sample) 1.75mm - Striking Finish for Artistic, Special and Functional Prints

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Sample Size: 

  • Samples are a great option for trying out a new material, color or when comparing different testing parameters of similar options
  • Samples vary in weight as different materials have different densities and generally range from 20-40 grams 


  • A beautiful shiny, metallic finish with a color depth effect and ease of printing make this filament a great option for show-stopping prints
  • Good adhesion and low visibility of layer boundaries makes this a great material for decorative items and items that will be put on display
  • Strong as well as unique; the increased layer adhesion makes this filament stronger than traditional PLA giving your prints durability as well as beauty
  • Engineered, designed and created in Poland using highly specialized machinery and carefully selected raw materials

Give Your Prints a Metallic Shine 

The Fibersilk Metallic filament is the result of the joined and lasting effort of the Fiberlogy team. Their goal was to create a high-quality product combining a unique look, high durability and ease of printing.

Fiberlogy’s Fibersilk Metallic offers a unique elegance of the prints created. They are characterized by a silky metallic shine that brings out every smallest detail of a 3D model with all its bends and curves.

Its aesthetic value is further enhanced by a rich palette of available colors. Fiberlogy have come up with a wide selection of vibrant colors for every user to find something that suits them just fine. The metallic finish makes it easy to hide the boundaries between layers making the entire print more uniform and expressive.

In addition to the visual advantage over traditional PLA, Fibersilk Metallic is also more durable. Thanks to the high adhesion of layers it can take heavy loads without cracking and then returns to its original shape.

The filament is both easy and safe to print. 

For the best Fibersilk Metallic effects, we recommend setting high airflow during printing and reducing the printing speed.

Printing Ideas and Applications:

  • Decorations: vases, lamps, figurines, Christmas decorations, jewelry
  • Utility: toys, desk organizers, packaging, boxes
  • Costumes: decorations, outfits, cosplay accessories

How to Print:

  • Print temperature: 210-230°C
  • Bed temperature: 50-70 ° C (when using plates or other means to increase the adhesion, the heating of the bed is not required)
  • Closed chamber: no
  • Fan: 80-100%
  • Print speed: 35-60 mm/s
  • Retraction: yes, 2-3 mm
  • Raft: not required

NOTES: There is a visible swelling of the material exiting the nozzle while loading the filament or printing with it. This is a completely natural effect that results from the surface tension of the polymers making up the filament.

Net weight : Approximately 50gm per Sample

All of our materials have outstanding properties and parameters - diameter tolerance of +/- 0.02mm and oval tolerance of +0.01mm.

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