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Fiberlogy EASY PET-G Filament Sample - 20-40gm (Sample Size) - Easy to Print PET-G 1.75mm

Fiberlogy EASY PET-G Filament Sample - 20-40gm (Sample Size) - Easy to Print PET-G 1.75mm

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Sample Size: 

Samples are a great option for trying out a new material, color or when comparing different testing parameters of similar options. Samples vary in weight as different materials have different densities and generally range from 25-40 grams as packaged from Poland.

Key Features:

  • Easy PET-G is one of the easiest materials to print for beginners and professionals
  • Designed to print as easily and predictably as Easy PLA with increased durability 
  • Designed to eliminate the trademark stringing, blistering and burning associated with printing traditional PET-G
  • Prints created with stable parameters are highly durable and functional for everyday use products 
  • No fumes or odors- ideal for printing at home or small spaces where high levels of ventilation are not accessible
  • Engineered, designed and created in Poland using highly specialized machinery and raw materials

Impressive Simplicity

The EASY PET-G filament is an interesting proposition for those looking for a combination of the ease of 3D printing with functional and aesthetic values.

PET enriched with the addition of glycol ensures high resistance to mechanical, chemical and atmospheric factors, and its high amorphy combined with a very good flow allows obtaining prints with greater transparency and better layer bonding.

Printing with the EASY PET-G filament is characterized by the absence of the deficiencies of working with the classic PET-G: stringing, blistering and filament burning. Achieving stunning effects is as easy as with the EASY PLA filament on any 3D printer.

The above properties make EASY PET-G an excellent combination of the strength of the traditional PET-G and the simplicity and predictability of EASY PLA, so appreciated by 3D printer users.

EASY PET-G size 1.75 mm is available in a transparent and non-transparent version in a wide range of colors. The vivid colors and reflections of light give the printed elements an attractive appearance that is perfectly suitable for the production of decorative elements, housings for electronic components and all kinds of containers and ornaments.

Printing Ideas and Applications:

  • End-Use Parts: containers, holders
  • Prototypes: bottles, packaging
  • Electronics: covers, cases, products containing diodes
  • Decorations: lamps, glass-resembling elements
  • Jewelry: rings, necklaces, bracelets

How to Print:

  • Printing temperature: 230-250°C
  • Bed temperature: 90°C


All of our materials have outstanding properties and parameters - diameter tolerance of +/- 0.02mm and oval tolerance of +0.01mm.

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